More companies like yours

are moving to a self-employed workforce

It is generally accepted that self-employed operatives are more efficient and cost-effective to businesses than employed workforces.

We are aware that your market is truly unique, heavily regulated and fiercely competitive – and, as a consequence of COVID-19, a great many businesses will be looking for ways to survive these hard times and prosper. The Guild’s service is structured to address the challenges of this market and provide crucial savings opportunities.

How can The Guild help?

Established in 1997, we are able to guarantee the status of freelance operatives, thereby allowing you the freedom to operate safely with a self-employed workforce.

No other payments specialist puts greater effort into status compliance and we stand between clients and HMRC. The Guild has paid in excess of 500,000 freelance operatives over 23 years and in that time not a single freelancer’s employment tax status has been overturned. Our record speaks for itself because freelance status compliance is what we do.

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A closer look at why you should choose The Guild

Market Leader

We’ve spent 23 years assembling the strongest status compliance team in the UK. This means that our compliance measures are cutting edge and exclusive to our clients.

Protect your business from HMRC scrutiny

Over 20 years liaising with HMRC and keeping our clients safe.

Trusted by over 3,000 clients since 1997

Over 500,000 freelancers compliantly engaged and more than 10 million payments processed.

High quality service

Client-facing teams comprise specialists in employment law, tax and insurance while our call handlers speak more than 10 languages.

Our People

Meet some of our team

Derek Reynolds

Managing Director
with over 40 years in construction and related industries
21 years with The Guild
DReynolds @trusttheguild.com

Chris Methley

Chartered accountant
and senior specialist in compliance
16 years with The Guild
CMethley @trusttheguild.com

Cristian Ley
Cristian Ley

In-house solicitor
and head of legal department. Joined The Guild following time in private practice with Eversheds and Thrings
10 years with The Guild
CLey @trusttheguild.com

Peter Smallwood

Public Affairs Manager
working closely with politicians and groups in Westminster, monitoring relevant government policy in construction matters
10 years with The Guild
PSmallwood @trusttheguild.com

Dave Doyle

Specialist tax adviser in CIS
and self-employment with over 30 Years in the industry
11 years with The Guild
DDoyle @trusttheguild.com

Evelyn Tuohy

Operations Manager
16 years with The Guild
ETuohy @trusttheguild.com

Linda Stow

Compliance and business development manager,
agency specialist
16 years with The Guild
LStow @trusttheguild.com

Jerome O’Shea

Compliance and business development manager
with 35 years in construction and related industries
8 years with The Guild
JOshea @trusttheguild.com

Jas Singarda

Compliance and business development manager,
and paralegal
7 years with The Guild
JSingarda @trusttheguild.com

Steve Cooper

Business Development Manager
with over 35 years’ experience in the construction industry
10 years with The Guild
SCooper @trusttheguild.com

Julia Clutterbuck

Ex-HMRC and senior employment taxes & CIS specialist
JClutterbuck @trusttheguild.com

Mary Fitzgerald
Mary Fitzgerald

Senior Business Development Administrator,
project support
7 years with The Guild
MFitzgerald @trusttheguild.com

Tina O'Sullivan

Head of Systems Development
with responsibility for the group’s operating systems
21 years with The Guild
ToSullivan @trusttheguild.com

Patrick Cawley
Patrick Cawley

Compliance and Business Development Manager
7 years with The Guild
PCawley @trusttheguild.com

Wayne Dodds

Customer service, languages coordinator
and service standards manager
15 years with The Guild
WDodds @trusttheguild.com

Adele Pucci

Senior Accounting Officer
responsibilities include financial compliance and HMRC Large Business Team liaison
16 years with The Guild
APucci @trusttheguild.com

Carlie Lockyer
Carlie Lockyer

Team Leader,
customer compliance
14 years with The Guild
CLockyer @trusttheguild.com

Larisa Olarasu
Larisa Olarasu

Trilingual senior team operator
with customer service
10 years with The Guild
LOlarasu @trusttheguild.com

Anish Patel
Anish Patel

IT Engineer
with 13 years’ experience
APatel @trusttheguild.com

Anastacia Sceglova

commercial contracts specialist
ASceglova @trusttheguild.com

David Reynolds

Joined The Guild after 25 years in property finance. Responsibilities include marketing and insurance
6 years with The Guild
DavidR @trusttheguild.com